Buy urn House is always urn important decision, so we will list a few points to take into account.

Location: access, transport, parking, shopping, schools, etc.

Solar orientation: South-facing houses are sunny, the source more receive the morning sun and the setting sun the afternoon sun. The North never catch Sun, but may have other advantages.

Outside of State property: Check if cracks or patches of moisture. If the House is in a top floor, is more cautious, check the type of waterproofing and insulation, in order to avert the infiltration in the wettest months.

Inner state of the property: A detailed analysis, allows to make a rough estimate of value to pay for the property, but also of the associated costs if you plan to make some improvements in the future.

Type of property: review the dimensions of the property, in order to check whether they are sufficient for your needs.

Other spaces: analyze whether you need balcony, terrace, lift and garage

Age of property: check the age, because each season has specific construction processes

Walls: in relation to the thickness of the outer walls, thick walls and more consistent are technically more efficient thermal level as acoustic. Check if there are still signs of moisture or cracks, particularly in the areas of the kitchen and bathrooms, which may indicate the neighbor or leakage problems in plumbing.

Door frame of the outer veils: Review the State of conservation and the material of the window, if you have some kind of protection, blinds and shutters. A good shade, may be a good technical and acoustic insulator when closed. The double glazing insulates much better than the simple, in relationship to temperature changes.

Floor: If the floor has carpet, see what is underneath, not only at the level of the structural coating (wooden floor or slab of concrete).

Plumbing: check your age as well as the water heating system, whether it is electric, or gas tank, with water heater.

Electrical installation: check the antiquity, the installed power and if existing outlets by Division are sufficient.

Documentation and plants: check who is selling the House has legitimacy to do so, and if the House is free from liens, foreclosures, usufruct, leasing, mortgages, and debt to the condo. Also check out the book and building certificate, plants, energy certificate, license of habitability and housing credits mandatory since 30 March 2004.

Burden on the property: check if there are foreclosures and mortgages on the property. If there is a mortgage, should move forward with the cancellation before the purchase of the House.

Tax burden: Check if the taxes are settled, including the municipal Tax so.



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